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There’s something wonderfully simple but yet so totally appropriate about the idea developed by author James Hance in his first book. Here, he re-imagines Han Solo as Christopher Robin, Chewbacca as Pooh Bear, R2D2 as Piglet, and AT-AT as Eeyore. This will be a definite gift on the list for literally any minor (and some bigger children). TBH, I think I might end up buying in bulk and giving one to everyone in the audience. It’s only $5 and this kind of inspiration deserves our support.

From Hance’s website,

I’m ridiculously proud to announce the release of my first actual, proper, real book! It’s a tribute to the combined genius of George Lucas, A.A.Milne and E.H.Sheppard.

‘Wookiee The Chew’, in the style of the original Pooh books tells the adorkable tale of the little biped that belonged to Chrisolo Robin (and Chrisolo Robin belonged to him). 24 pages of affectionately crafted adventure, brand new illustrations and sneaky Star Wars references.

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