Why am I standing?

//Why am I standing?

Why am I standing?

I have long believed in an effective and efficient National Union. In my time in UCC, particularly as an officer, I have rarely seen this vision converted into reality. Recent years have been tough for USI. I believe that it is only when officers bring the commitment and experience to implement the change they wish to see that it will ever happen.

I believe that I will be the most effective of the candidate not only on the basis of my policies, and experience but on the platform that I know how to bring my policies to fruition. I enjoy hard work and would be committed to doing what I could to bring USI closer to its goals.

A local Union often only gets one year to implement their policies. The most productive time of the year for them is the Summer – that time shouldn’t be spent trying to come to grips with the new systems and the bureaucracy pushing change in a the third level institution. My time in UCC has given me an added preparation for the bureaucracy and student unfriendly nature of the many bodies and systems.

As a Union we have to tackle the issues that actually keep students awake at night – the state of our finances, the state (and price) of much of the Student Accommodation available. We must also work at those issues which would make the lives of students easier – helping students with problems from personal health to study skills as well as keeping them entertained without costing them an arm and a leg.

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