What do I stand for?

//What do I stand for?

What do I stand for?

Having been involved heavily in Constitutional reviews and having seen USI operate for a number of years I believe the upcoming special congress presents us with an exciting opportunity but even aside from that there is a lot to be done.

In 2006/07 – we had a 254 page Policy manual. I expect that the new policies will be added shortly from this years Congress. There is no end of work to be done to fulfil the demands of USI’s members. As an SAO I would commence work on these policies immediately.

Importantly, I’d seek to keep Officers and students informed of the work of USI. I don’t doubt officers have worked hard each year I was involved in USI. However, we were just told too infrequently of the achievements and successes of work done. Communication needs to be effective, and emails with updated and plans need to be regular. Officers should know where the SAO is and when they can help them.

Obviously, within this ‘manifesto’ I have a word count that I have to stick to. I believe it is important to note that in the past I have had my own concerns about the position of SAO. Ultimately, I’m standing because I believe that you all respect my integrity and work ethic. If it is possible to do the job well – I will work as hard as anyone to fulfil its potential.

If it doesn’t work out – I’ll go back and concentrate on my studies – simple as that.

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