Welcome to my “Kris for Societies” Campaign Site

//Welcome to my “Kris for Societies” Campaign Site

Welcome to my “Kris for Societies” Campaign Site

Hi, My name is Kris Mcelhinney, and I presently serve as UCCSU Communications Officer.

Within this role, a position on the guild for the second part of the year and my society society experience I believe that I am equipped to face the changes which are both apparent and less so for the societies guild.

Experience on all of the committees the President already sits might be considered my greatest advantage – I could hit the ground running better able to represent societies to the highlest levels within college and maintain the good links I have built up.

This year societies remained close to my heart and focus
– I created and updated the interim Guild website,
– implementation and development of a new list & text alert portal
– developed and reintroduced the guild logo,
– created and mainted the generic @societies.ucc.ie email accounts,
– established links with printers and clothing companies for societies
– as well as maintaining and developing FUCC – the online forum boards. – Finally, I was created of the new guild website which I firmly believe as it comes fully online will become a fantastic resource for societies and those interested in getting involved.

Please read though some of our ideas – for some other ideas and more of the same.

Your input as always is appreciated.

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