I’m often asked what question people need to ask when they want to have a new website made.

In terms of pricing, its all about time – the more complex you want the site, the more time and obviously the greater the cost. Basically though, there are a few question to help work out the total cost to you:

  • Hosting – there are 2 options, sharing server space (better value) or you can have an account registered for your only (you pay for the cost of a hosting account – this is about 50y per year).
  • Pages – You don’t pay by pages, website should be content managed – you can have as many as you want but you should think about what you want to say. Trick is to find one or more websites that you like in the same field.
  • – What domain name do you want? (a .ie 22.95 at 2 years or would you be happy with a .com or .net at about 9e – the longer your plan the cheaper you get).
  • Design – the options are shelf design or a bespoke (and more expensive) one off design. Do you need any custom design work such as logos or icons?
  • Search Engine Optimisation is as more important as Search Engine registration – but I’ll register you with appropriate search engines.
  • User stats – this will be set up so you know how many people are visiting your site
  • Email – I can set up something like – you can have whatever you like.

In terms of turn around, it can be only a few days. You should think about what and when do you need it?