Union services for students

//Union services for students

Union services for students

UCCSU doesn’t have the resources and space to be a union like those in the UK but services should still be used to draw students in. For instance, space could be used to sell UCC merchandise for Clubs. At present it is just stored in the Mardyke. Schemes like the memorysticks should be continued – finding things students need then getting then at cost price. When I brough in memory sticks last year we brough the price in college down from e120 to e22!

I firmly believe the Students Union should operate with ‘Value for money’ as a core aim.
I want to see if we can make back as much as you paid in – through discounts and cost price offers the Union might be able to reward its members

  • “phone book” of student friendly services & offers.
  • Student Discounts
  • Value for money services eg Thesis binding

Student Development intiative
I want to see the Union engage with students by providing and facilitating the provision of classes aimed at student development. As well as working with the Counselling and development study skills classes – the Union should look at enabling cost price/ free classes in a range of non academic but entirely useful skills such as:

First Aid, Public Speaking, Bar skills, health and safety, typing, short hand, ECDL, drivers theory tuition

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