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Simply put we just don’t have enough books and what we do have we need more of. While I would love to promise I’ll come to office with a van load of new books – I cant. It is essential though that the SU keeps up pressure on the college to provide the necessary resources. Our libraries must be the priority!

As anyone in courses which have large classes like Arts, Law and Sciences will tell you. The current amount of books is FAR from enough. It doesn’t help that often reference books and journals are outdated or worn out. It’s just crazy to see those large classes rushing out of lectures to get hold of the few books there are.

With regard the Libraries I plan to

  • Make them quieter.
  • Have Class reps empowered put books on desk reserve.
  • Have Library fines ring fenced for new books
  • Press the UCC authorities to examine the opportunities of establishing a corporate sponsorship fund to purchase more academic books
  • Press for extended opening hours, especially at weekends and at night during the month off.
  • Secure an adequate 24-hour study space for students during the month off.
  • Have group study space always available to students
  • Promote the use of the library committees to have student needs for quiet/stocked library are met
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  1. Anonymous February 23, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    is it possible to increase the number of max book loaned? four is just too little.

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