The Guild itself

//The Guild itself

The Guild itself

The new Guild will review its constitution so that it reflects both its members’ needs as well as explains what it does. We believe that Guild must review itself and its operation to meet the aspiration of this manifesto.

The Guild is failing to advertise itself on campus; many students think the students union runs societies! We if elected will publicise societies and their Guild across campus.

The issue of equality and access to societies has been raised in this election. Students with disabilities are important; and must be considered. However, we believe that imposing such things as mandatory equality officers is not the place of the Guild. Instead, we will meet with the disabilities office and work with the UCCSU Welfare officer to see how the Guild can help with more effective integration of disabled students into societies.

The challenges of promoting societies and the work of the guild are just that – challenges- we believe that these will be met by those who have proven themselves able and experienced. It is not just about continuing with the status quo we must ensure that societies fight the battle with apathy and win.

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