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//Student Social Areas

Student Social Areas

Student Centre
Thanks to the good work of past presidents Richie & Padraig the Student Centre Hall is gradually being opened up (as demonstrated during Rag week). This must continue. Things aren’t fixed just yet. Student groups like clubs and societies are still being charged for ‘set-up costs’ that they can ill-afford –this is money comes from you. Crazy when you think who paid for the building to be built.

The Student Centre was built in the early 90s with by a student levy – in a very similar way the Mardkye extension last year. Few students actually realise just how much they pay in to keep the place going for a year. Approximately €180,000 in student capitation fees last year, meaning that we, the students, effectively bankroll the place before we enter the premises to pay over the odds for our tea, sandwiches and stationary.

In the next year the Student Centre are likely to push for limited company status. We need to make sure that any such moves are the best for students and don’t squeeze out student representation. We must make full use of available committees like Governing body and even Policy board to ensure this cant happen.

  • The Multi-Function Hall should be open to student gigs, club nights and events.
  • Student groups such as clubs and societies should not be charged for staffing costs in their student centre for non-profit making events
  • The Multi-Function Hall is an ideal venue for student conferences. Like other rooms in UCC – not for profit and educational events should be run in the Student Centre without additional and prohibitive costs.
  • The Student Centre is independent of Campbells – at the very least it should be providing competition with regard pricing – especially when so much is being paid in advance by the student levy! 4.50 per sandwich sounds a lot more when you add in the 60euro a year charge per student!

Student Common Room
A student common room is planned for the Students’ Union building on college road. If set up correctly is could be a fantastic resource for students. There are simply not enough spaces for students to socialize. We cannot give up on the Student Centre as a student facility and we certainly can’t make the same mistakes again. Unlike the Student Centre it must be Union controlled so that we can have a place for students to sit and relax with friends without having to spend money . There are numerous problems to be over come but this is a great opportunity for the Union.

  • Develop a student focused facility that wont cost students to enjoy
  • Resist all attempts to have a common room run by the Student Centre
  • Over come college objections to student space
  • Organize a student run student space
  • Don’t give up on reforming the student centre hall to make it more student friendly
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