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We will provide a comprehensive handbook for societies as well as a regularly updated and well maintained website. These will include information ranging from bus companies with sample quotes to details on group discounts for societies with relevant companies. These should make information on (block) booking of rooms, information on entertainment listings in college to allow increased co-operation between societies.

Through group buying we propose that the guild should facilitate reducing costs to societies. For instance, the guild should be provide the opportunity for cheap colour society posters or promotional materials.

(Society gives a copy of the poster in on a Friday and the Guild will have the colour posters back for Monday morning ready for the society).

We source and provide a cheap and high quality source for society clothing, similar to the Athletics Union but we will learn from the outrageous delays with the relevant company.

The new Guild will explain how to make better use of on-campus resources like the old bar, which the DJ soc has made great use of or the audio visual department. The Guild will also compile location lists of all society notice boards to help small societies.

Finance for societies must be made clearer, Diarmuid Early started on this with the Finance Officers workshop but all finance rules will be made more transparent and included in the society handbook (and on the new website).

We should be making things easier for societies. A society credit card (in the accomm office) could make society trips easier to book. The current situation with cheques is simply too haphazard.

The Guild will open a cash and carry account so societies can avail of cheaper sweets for society’s day and conferences, by buying through the Guild itself.

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