Going with the crowd

Does a 90 per cent discount sound too good to be true?

Not since the meteoric rise of group-buying sites.

The latest craze to sweet Ireland has been herd buying with services like City Deal (Citydeal.ie). This is a local operation of the international firm Groupon but the business model has been applied by various local offerings. Dealpages.ie shows you just a few.

Harnessing the power of collective buying has seen the websites grow with frightening speed. Even the Isle of Man, my second home, with a tiny comparative population is not immune from “me2” offerings – a new venture isleofdeals.com is successfully testing the water albeit in a smaller pool. (more…)


Android Applications of mention

I got a new phone today, a nice little present from my girlfriend. An Android phone called the Samsung i551 to be precise (image over). That’s not the point of this post – although I do think its a lovely phone. What strikes me whenever I change Android phones (I do it more than I should, I love being an early adopter) I’m always amazed how quickly I get synced back up.
Obviously, my list of apps would change daily – you can see on my appbrain what applications I have installed at any time as a dynamic list but I thought it would be good to update a place of record (here) what apps I think are keepers. These are all worth at least a try: (more…)

Cloud based Apps and Browser Extensions

There are number of ‘productivity’ tools that I love and couldn’t be with out – for instance, my Google Apps, Google Reader, Tweetdeck and Evernote but below is a number of functions or methods for accessing my favourite tools. I’m a heavy Google Chrome user (I even carry a portable build on a USB).

The thing I noticed most, was that I had a lot of redundant Task List managers – I’m still not sure I’ve found the ideal solution. I need something embedded withing Google Tasks (its where i spend my time online). I guess, its the one area where Google hasn’t really serviced a need (perhaps people spend more time online direction-less without task management!) (more…)


Unpolished Chrome – is Google’s Operating System failing?

Early this week during the Q1 2011 earnings call, Google’s new SVP of Commerce and Local, Jeff Huber, mentioned that Chrome OS was coming “later this year”. This may imply another delay for what was Google’s ‘fledgling’ OS — they have been saying for months that users should expect to see the first commercial Chrome OS devices this summer. (more…)


I’ve decided to re enter the food chain

Vegetarianism is often viewed as the domain of hippies, oddballs, eccentrics and at times maybe a little ‘chic’.  There still persists the notion that vegetables are for flakes. People who don’t eat meat are regarded as utterly lacking in taste, unnatural and/or just plain weird. People are frequently surprised that I’ve concerned myself with the issue at all – least of all for the last 15 years.  At the end of the day, I also look far too ‘healthy’ (read: Big Boned) to be a vegetable only guy.