Off-Campus Centres

//Off-Campus Centres

Off-Campus Centres

At present, medical, music, ZEPS, and nursing students are isolated by their remoteness from central campus. The risk that they will be ignored has already been breached. The Students Union must actively reach out to students in these off-campus areas and improve their representation. They are paid up members too.

An important aspect in over coming this neglect must be to provide the centres with the facilities to represent themselves. We shouldn’t be trying to spread the central campus – we should recognise the distance – target support/info rather than forcing the main campus to brookfield or the other way round. Looking at the Medical & Health based Societies alone there is the interest for getting involved.

  • Certain Park & Ride services to pass through brookfield (to bring students to and from the main campus)
  • All support information online
  • Push for Union space off campus so those students get value for money (inc access to tickets and Union services)
  • Regular office hours on main campus and in the off campus centres (with timetable online)
  • Space for the Union to operate from in larger offsite facilities.
  • Focus groups – one off/ bi annual committee to find out opininons – unlike working groups these dont need to commit people to giving up huge amounts of time. (eg Brookfield, LGBT, Mature students etc)
  • Constitutional review to pushing for a part time/non sabbatical site convenor for off campus sites
  • Reinstate long lapsed Medical association as the Medical & Health assoc to help brookfield students help themselves – faculty reps, socs, class reps, ents officer and clubs reps should work together. There is the drive and interest.
  • Clubs and societies should be supported in efforts to develop a community atmosphere in Brookfield
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