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Lobbying body

Societies add much to college life – the college are the first to ask for society help on open days – this should be reflected in the position we hold within college. Through lobbying college though the SU and the committees the President sits on to increase the status of societies on campus.

More and better notice boards on campus would promote societies – we must work for this. Areas should be reserved for newsletters and information to be accessible but safe from being thrown away.

The new Guild must make sure that all audio visual equipment is working correctly in all rooms on college. Why do societies have to pay for audio visual equipment? – surely only a deposit should be necessary for what is in effect an internal loan of equipment.

College Committees have not been used to their full potential – we must ensure that joint board and specifically the students centre policy board must be utilized to the benefit of our societies. The student centre is clear in that it want society business. Charges should be reduced and made freely available to societies.

The guild must lobby for more dedicated society space. We must move beyond just asking to keep the su basement for societies– while this should be done – we must ensure that the ample space in the new student centre includes meeting rooms and society space.

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