IOM Gym Comparison

We’ve all been on a bit of a health kick in work – I’ve decided on the Ramsey Gym for convenience (its not the best gym, but its certainly the closest to my house!) That said, others went with the Sefton and I can see why – its certainly a good offering. This is the comparison of prices (mainly thanks to Weena!)

Ramsey Gym – One Month stand alone 37.50 (30 regular by DD) (Link)

NSC Gym- 36.50 for 10 Peak Visits (Full info)

Carefour – 32.99 p/m (all times, no pool) (Link)

Nautilis – 35.00 p/m (peak, no pool) (Link)

Living well – 39.00 p/m (peak, pool)  (Link)

Mount Murray – 44.90 p/m (peak, pool) (Link)

Sefton – nil joining fee and £35 p/m (all times open from 5am – 11pm, pool/spa) – (Link)

(Obviously this info is the best of my knowledge and likely to change! – feel free to make contact if there are updates)

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