Essential Student Services

//Essential Student Services

Essential Student Services

We have some great staff in UCC dedicated to ensuring quality student services. However, all too often essential facilities like the Student Counselling and Student Health are some of the worst funded in any Irish University. UCC might be short of money but we as a Union must make sure that key areas like student services are not forgotten.

With the numbers of non-traditional students set to rise – these are precisely the services that the Union must fight to defend and promote. The Union also plays a key role in getting students to know just what facilities we have on campus. It is important that these are advertised effectively amongst the student body.

I propose the establishment of user groups for each college service. An important initiative begun at the end of my previous sabbatical term must be reenergised. Computer services, library service and student health etc must be subject to user review committees. It is a great way to get students involved in the Union and to keep officers close to the issues affecting students on a day to day basis. All too often the Union has to wait for complaints to come to them – this is a proactive effort to reach out.
Student Health Centre
The Health Centre, which is funded by our registration fee, has moved on considerably in the last year.

I pledge to:

  • Campaign for increased funding and an increase in the number of staff employed in the student health centre.
  • Oppose any levy on student use of the health centre
  • Develop an online booking system – students can then see if there are spaces free without calling the secretary
  • Include the health services in the promotion of student health on campus
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