Catering on Campus

//Catering on Campus

Catering on Campus

Food is always a big item on the agenda of SU candidates – but is rarely on the agenda for the University.

For once this is a fixable problem. Between this SU and the next the catering contract will be renegotiated. It is essential to hit the ground running and I pledge to continue the fight to introduce competition for catering on campus, and to ensure that the price control mechanism remains are continued in any new structure that is created. Last year I also took part in actions which have led to the SU having control of prices in the student centre, these needs to be fully utilised to make the Student Centre a value for money outlet.

Competition is essential to provision of services in UCC – the student centre should already be providing Campbell’s with a competitor. This has not been the case as yet so more companies must be introduced during the renegotiation of the contract. Not all outlets are desirable for profit making so the contract must tie the weaker outlets with stronger ones and sell them in groups.

Until competitors enter the market we must hold campus catering under scrutiny

  • Insist that competition is introduced throughout campus
  • Insist the Student Centre is an effective alternative (on price)
  • Publicize any increases in prices when they happen – compare between all UCC outlets.
  • Make better use of the Restaurants Committee.
  • Organize publicity campaigns comparing the price Campbell’s Catering pay for food with what they charge
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  1. Anonymous February 23, 2007 at 10:59 am

    I was charged 3.55 for three chicken gougons yesterday as they apparently count as a separate meal when purchased with chips. That was almost 1.20 for each one. Disgraceful. The person at the food counter did not specify they would be charged as a full meal.

  2. Anonymous February 28, 2007 at 11:32 am

    I was charged €1.80 for two sausage rolls, thats 90c each. why is this when dunnes stores charge about 14c for each one?

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