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Is higher education too big to fail?

My parents and many of their generation who didn’t get the advantages of higher education, see it as immensely important and would point to the credibility it offers. Does that mean they necessarily agree with me and my ‘educated outlook’ on the issues I studied? Does it heck. I probably don’t value my education as [...]

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Is there a career for a generalist?

For a long time I’ve labelled myself a ‘generalist’. However, in the modern world of employment the term generalist certainly doesn’t mean “he’s doing two jobs and gets paid double.” In reality, now it seems the word generalist means “good at nothing and unemployed.” The product of a liberal arts education, I focused on Political [...]

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Do i look like I camp?

It seems to be, for me, a curiously British invention. Bar the exception of a teenage drinking ‘get away’, I must admit I hadn’t even considered camping for the best part of a decade. That was, until we toyed with the idea of a camping ‘work social’. It was beset with the usual administrative difficulties [...]

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IOM Gym Comparison

We've all been on a bit of a health kick in work - I've decided on the Ramsey Gym for convenience (its not the best gym, but its certainly the closest to my house!) That said, others went with the Sefton and I can see why - its certainly a good offering. This is the comparison of [...]

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