An open Union

//An open Union

An open Union

I believe that as president my job would be to represent you, the students of UCC. Dealing with University involves a lot of red tape – and sometimes our own Students’ Union is seen as remote and out of touch. If elected, I’ll make a new sense of openness a priority during my term, and focus on achieving results for students.

I plan to run a blog as part of the Union website to give a running commentary on the work of the Union as a whole. Just because its not sexy enough for Allstudent mails doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. We must also invite and act on feedback submitted through the various avenues. This must include digital feedback; student representative feed back and importantly though clinics for all campuses.

Registration fee
We should also be working to let students know what the money they’ve already paid to come to college is spent on. The registration fee should have a break down of where the money went – too many students dont know just how much they have have committed pay for in services like the student centre. As the representatives of students we need to make sure money is working as hard for students as we possibly can. This includes public audited accounts for the Union.

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