An effective Union

//An effective Union

An effective Union

Students’ is the key part of Students’ Union – As a simple matter, I think students should know when Union officers will be available. I have experienced boths sides of the coin. Students can be lost from the Union forever if they call and see no one is there for them. At the same token SU officers must be visible from the first week of the year to the last – not just those weeks. They have things to do!

Similar to which shows students where societies are – students should be able to know where their paid officers are when they plan to call to see them. Office hours should be regular, public and adhered to.

I believe the SU should be run in as professional a manner as possible. A hardworking, committed ethos should start at the level of President and work down. The SU President is required to sit on many many committees in UCC. My experiences in Societies, The Societies Guild and the Students Union will prove a great advantage to me if I am elected

It is essential that all officers are well trained. For instance, I would not be happy dealing with a Welfare Officer lacking a solid core level of training. If USI cannot provide this then it is essential that a Union looks outside to other organisations for support.

We must have well planned and run campaigns. A student focus to campaigns is an essential at all times. Campaigns where the issue can be tackled as well as awareness are important. (Eg Section 50). Non student focused issues are a distraction and a waste of resources.

Union campaigns must be worked to the student body through the Communications officer. My experience in this area would help me no end in providing effective direction for campaigns. Education campaigns appear to have fallen away in their priority from the Union. UCCSU is essentially based around the academic so it is important that they fulfil successful campaigns in this area too.

The new President and Re-Structuring
The restructuring process was supposed to represent a fundamental shift in the organisation of the University. A core aim was to make administrative and organisational savings. In the transition to the more streamlined administration envisaged all that has actually been created was an extra layer of bureaucracy! A new President for UCC brings new opportunities for the Students Union. A clear and effective voice for students is essential to refocus the college’s relationship with students and ensure that any savings are directed towards improving facilities for learning and core student services.

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