Every academic year there are problems in the area of student accommodation, both in UCC Campus accommodation and with private landlords. From fires to unpublicised building work. Students are adults and pay a considerable rent for second class status. They should be treated as any other Tenant.

They should have the right to decide what they do with their accommodation – e.g. be allowed to have parties so long as they are not prejudicial to the rights of their neighbours and communities. The Students’ Union should also be dealing with the worrying breaches of students’ right to privacy. Unfair right of residence conditions aren’t acceptable and student apartments are not always properly managed. Accommodation rates in Cork are well above the student average – conditions on the other hand aren’t. At times we pay more than University students in Dublin City. I have been actively involved in leading developing high profile accommodation campaigns (section 50 campaigns) in the past and would hope to:

  • Have cost price condom machines installed in campus accommodations.
  • Establish residence committees in the various student complexes to deal with complex managers.
  • Campaign vigorously where residents’ rights are breached.
  • Pressure Campus Accommodation into reviewing the unfair right of residence conditions in leases.
  • Publicize the substandard nature of student houses around UCC for instance though the publication of a ‘Rate My Accommodation’ style Bad Landlords Guide (online and in print)
  • Force the Revenue to investigate thoroughly the residencies of student accommodations under tax exemptions. They are obligated to do this
  • Insist on the inspection of UCC advertised properties for standards.
  • Re-evaluate the position of the President as a board member for Campus accommodation. As a director the President has a legal position with the body effectively stifling criticism from the Union. 2 years in we must revaluate if holding this position is of value.
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  1. Anonymous February 25, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    any chance u can ask them to lower the rent?..for student hall i mean.

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